Gluten Free Bread Srsly

Tasty sliced raisin bread

Flavoursome and tasty!

Gluten free bread. Fresh, warm, gluten free bread. Delivered to your home. Delivered to your home by bicycle. A celiac’s dream? Perhaps, but a dream which has come true for gluten free travellers living in San Francisco and the East Bay.

Enter, Breadsrsly. Here is some unique, tasty and home made gluten free bread. The gluten free bread delivering girl is Sadie who bakes the bread in her gluten free kitchen and has been delivering and selling to customers since August, 2011. The menu changes weekly and each week there is a choice of two interesting gluten free breads and one muffin. She uses ingredients from local farmers as much as possible.

I was really impressed with her raisin cinnamon bread. It had a lot of flavour to it and didn’t fall apart when I sliced it the way gluten free bread often does. It was great smoothered in creamy peanut butter but equally as delicious on it’s own. As always this bread is best fresh. After a couple of days it becomes more crumbly so slice and freeze what you don’t eat.

Loaves are $8 and muffins are $3. Sadie delivers in San Francisco on Tuesdays and the East Bay on Thursdays.




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