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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Turkey Pizza

Some of you asked for my sweet potato based, gluten free pizza recipe so here it is! It’s super simple, it’s insanely delicious and it’s a wee bit different from your tomato based pizzas. If you haven’t yet tried pizza topped with creamy sweet potato I would definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s pretty
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Gluten Free Bread Srsly

Gluten free bread. Fresh, warm, gluten free bread. Delivered to your home. Delivered to your home by bicycle. A celiac’s dream? Perhaps, but a dream which has come true for gluten free travellers living in San Francisco and the East Bay.

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Gluten Free Home Made Empanadas!

Whilst finding gluten free empanadas is easy enough in Buenos Aires, on the road it has been impossible. I’ve been craving them for weeks now so when I came across gluten free empanada wraps in a dietetica in Bariloche, the idea of making a bunch of my own sounded like a fantastic idea!

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Gluten Free Tamales and Fireworks

Last weekend I went with some friends to listen to classical music and watch some amazing fireworks. The event was Symphony Blast in Burlington, Iowa and it was lots of fun.  We lay in a grassy park listening and watching. I’ve never been so close to a fireworks display before and it was awesome.

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