Gluten Free Byron Bay Cookies

Last week I received a box of samples from Byron Bay Cookies. Even before ripping them open to devour the  amazing selection of flavours I was immediately impressed by the size of these cookies! 60 grams of individually wrapped deliciousness and certainly more than a couple of bites 😀

Lots of tasty cookies

Dark Chocolate Orange Goodness

The White Chocolate Macadamia
is really flavoursome. The sweet taste of white chocolate jumps right out at you from the first bite and lingers on your tongue. It has the perfect sweetness to it without being overly sweet. This was my favourite cookie of the bunch and difficult to share. Yummmmy!

The Dark Chocolate Orange tastes more like a chocolate brownie than a cookie to me but this isn’t a bad thing. It tastes great but it comes apart a little more like I would expect from a brownie. Again, the flavour of this cookie is very strong. The yummy orange taste comes through the chocolate in every bite. Dark chocolate snacks wouldn’t usually be my first choice but I still enjoyed it. I would love to try a milk or white chocolate version of this one. With the orange flavours this would perhaps be my perfect cookie!

The Dotty (Triple chocolate cookie covered in dotty choc drops) and the Triple Chocolate Fudge tasted pretty similar to me which is why I’m putting my thoughts of them together. Both had a strong and delicious flavour of cocoa but without being over sweet so I could enjoy every bite. The dots are a fun addition and I’m all about fun, colourful things on my food so I liked the Dotty’s. I also really liked the pieces of white and milk chocolate in the fudge cookie. John thought the Triple Chocolate Fudge cookie was really tasty (despite it being all crushed after sitting in my bag for a 12 hour flight!)

The Sticky Date and Ginger cookie was awesome. It was probably my second favourite after the white chocolate macadamia. The taste of ginger is really strong and whilst I don’t always love the taste of ginger, it really works in this cookie to make it extra delicious. The consistency of this cookie was really good too. My favourite cookies have a bit of a bend to them rather than a crumble when you pull them apart and this was exactly like that. My non gluten free dad also really enjoyed this one. 😀

My opinion of these cookies was dictated by my gluten free travelling taste buds. I received these samples but nothing further from Byron Bay Cookies. Byron Bay Cookies are available in Australia, Japan, Europe and the US.


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  • They available in New Zealand as well 🙂

  • How delicious are the cookies! You should also try the strawberry and clotted cream if you can get it there – it is delicious!

  • I think I got a strawberry and clotted cream cookie actually but I gave it to my mum to eat!

  • I discovered these cookies when I was in Australia a few years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that not all of their cookies were GF – after a particularly stressful morning (visit to the hospital ER), I grabbed one at a coffee shop and was half-way through the cookie before I realized it wasn’t GF! I guess thats why we should always read the label!

  • Oh no! I’ve had a similar experience with ‘gluten free’ crackers. A brand I used to eat a lot are now labelled as ‘made on shared equipment with wheat’ so you are so right..we must read the label of everything we eat even if we have had it before and therefore assume it’s gluten free.

  • Just had the strawberry clotted cream and white chocolate Byron Bay cookie in Scotland this was my in case of emergency break glass kind of cookie fantastic