Gluten Free Pure Bar

Delicious Pure Bars

I recently received some samples of Pure Bars. They have two types of bars, Pure Organic and Pure Natural. I was very impressed by the whole selection. It’s rare when I can say that I enjoyed eating all of the flavours. They are unique and seriously delicious. The Cranberry Orange and Wild Blueberry Pure Organic Bars are two of my favourites. They are a sweet, tasty blend of fruit and nuts. These are some of the best gluten free bars I’ve tasted, full of fruity and nutty flavours and certified gluten free too! My husband was also a big fan.

Similar to Lara Bars, Pure Bars are made from only a few natural ingredients. I’ve heard of everything that has gone into making these bars and nothing has been added which is difficult to pronounce. Each bar has just under 200 calories, which seems to be the average for a bar of this type.

It’s a variety of healthy, good stuff which makes it nice to know that not only am I eating something tasty but I’m eating something healthy. They made a great quick and easy breakfast when our flight was cancelled earlier this month. A definite thumbs and big toes up for these bars.

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