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Think Thin Gluten Free

I received a box of Think Thin bars last week. All of their bars are gluten free and contain varying amounts of protein. Personally I enjoyed their crunch bars the most but their whole selection is pretty yummy, especially if you’re looking for a good tasting bar which also has lots of protein. Their protein
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Gluten Free Pure Bar

I recently received some samples of Pure Bars. They have two types of bars, Pure Organic and Pure Natural. I was very impressed by the whole selection. It’s rare when I can say that I enjoyed eating all of the flavours. They are unique and seriously delicious. The Cranberry Orange and Wild Blueberry Pure Organic
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Gluten Free Simply Bar

I recently received a box of bars from The Simply Bar. Another bar which is gluten free certified! Yay! They have seven different flavours and I am happy to report that these protein bars (each bar contains 16g protein) do not taste like they contain a lot of protein. This is definitely a good thing
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What’s In My Gluten Free Backpack

When I travel, I travel light. When I’m exploring weird and wonderful places I’d rather not be held back by my luggage. I want something sturdy and I want something flexible. I don’t want to have to take a cab or a bus just because my bag is too heavy. This is why I love
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Nugo Nutrition Bars Gluten Free

I recently sampled a few of the snack bars that Nugo Nutrition have to offer. I tried a couple of bars from their NuGo free and NuGo Slim ranges. Both of these lines are Certified Gluten Free. Yay! Some of their other lines are gluten free too but aren’t certified. Personally I’d rather stick with those
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Rise Bars Gluten Free

I’d never heard of Rise Bars before but when they contacted me to ask if I wanted to try their gluten free bars I did some research and they come in quite the selection of flavours. They make three types of bars; breakfast, energy and protein. Their breakfast and energy bars are delicious! You may
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Gluten Free Lara Bars

Lara Bars are awesome! They are definitely my favourite gluten free bar in the US so far. When I received a few samples earlier this week I was very excited. I’ve been looking for a delicious, safe and healthy substitute for my Eat Natural bars which I adore in the UK (but which sadly aren’t
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Gluten Free Andesmar

The buses in Argentina are great and considering the size of the country and the amount of time you need to spend on the bus getting from place to place, this is a good thing!

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Top Gluten Free Travel Foods!

Whether you’re heading off on a road trip, a romantic weekend getaway or months of intercontinental backpacking, if you are Coeliac then being prepared is important. Ensuring you are never without a few gluten free supplies is a must no matter the length of your trip or where you’re going. If you’re road tripping then
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