Gluten Free Chick O Peas

African Spicy Soup

Eggplant Souffle and french fries


To celebrate five years together, John and I went to Chick O Peas on Shattuck Street, Berkeley for dinner. They are a Mediterranean restaurant with a casual and cozy eating area. They sell wraps, salads, soups, burgers and plate dishes and a few of their items are gluten free and marked as so on the menu.

There is no food service here but instead you order, pay and then pick up your order next to the kitchen when your number is called. There was no one around who knew anything about the gluten free nature of dishes so I asked to speak to the chef directly to find out a little more. The chef, a lovely woman who is gluten intolerant herself, understands the importance of care when preparing gluten free dishes and informed me that as well as the four labelled menu items, their french fries are also gluten free. The African Spicy Soup was very flavoursome and the Eggplant Souffle was interesting and tasty. The other two gluten free dishes they do are Veggie Souffle and Polenta with asiago cheese.

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