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More Gluten Free Berkeley, CA

Berkeley has a pretty good variety of eateries with gluten free options and since I didn’t get the chance to try all of them, I thought I’d let you know about the other celiac friendly options I came across…

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Gluten Free Chick O Peas

  To celebrate five years together, John and I went to Chick O Peas on Shattuck Street, Berkeley for dinner. They are a Mediterranean restaurant with a casual and cozy eating area. They sell wraps, salads, soups, burgers and plate dishes and a few of their items are gluten free and marked as so on
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Gluten Free Beer and Sausages

Even in pre coeliac days I wasn’t the biggest fan of beer and would almost always have chosen a glass of wine first so not being able to drink beer was the last of my worries when I was diagnosed. Despite this, I have always been curious about gluten free beers and how they might
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Berkeley Bowl Gluten Free

There are a few large supermarkets in Berkeley but my favourite by far is Berkeley Bowl. They have a great selection of products (including the best selection of fruit and veg I’ve ever seen in a supermarket), decent prices and a brilliant selection of gluten free products!

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Cafe Gratitude – I am Gluten Free

  Cafe Gratitude has to be one of the most unique places I’ve ever eaten at. They have a few locations throughout the Bay Area , including Berkeley and Oakland but I ate at the one on Harrison Street, San Francisco. The menu is 100% organic and 100% vegan and mostly comprised of raw dishes
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