Gluten Free Mumbai Bistro, Philadelphia

Chicken Tikka Masala

This weekend we had a couple of friends visiting us in Philly and after many walking hours of city exploring on Saturday, the hunt was on for something tasty and gluten free for dinner. We all decided that some sort of take out was the way to go and when I came across Mumbai Bistro I was pretty excited.

As a celiac, I don’t do take-out too often. In fact, thinking back, in the past 19 months since my diagnosis the only take-out I’ve had is sushi. Take-out normally means something glutenous like pizza, pakora or chinese food so generally things I keep my distance from.

Indian food is always a challenge when it comes to take-out. Unless labelled as so on the menu, which isn’t normally the case, I can’t be sure which dishes are and aren’t safe. A lot of Indian food tends to be naturally gluten free (especially south Indian) as they don’t use a lot of glutenous ingredients in their cooking (except breads of course) but if the restaurant is not aware of this and can’t say for certain that something is gluten free then I can’t eat it.

Mumbai Bistro markets themselves as celiac friendly. Gluten free options are clearly labelled on their menu (as are vegan and lactose free options). I’m a huge fan of eateries that use gluten free labelling so I had to try this place! They won’t deliver very far so we drove down to pick it up. Luckily my friends came to visit by car.

They don’t have a huge number of options but almost everything that they do have is gluten free and sounds tasty. I opted for the very British choice of chicken tikka masala with basmati rice. I couldn’t resist a portion of mango chutney to go along with it. Delicious and a great deal at $8 for my whole meal! 🙂

Gluten free and delicious!

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