Gluten Free Paesano’s, Philly

My amazingtastic sandwich!

This weekend I ate what may possibly have been the greatest sandwich of my life this far. Granted, it had been a while since my last sandwich adventure, but this one was  not like anything I’ve ever tasted before. Definitely worth the hour long walk in the rain to get there!

I ate this sandwich at Paesano’s in Philadelphia. It was recommended to me by a few different Philly celiacs and after checking out their delicious sounding website, there was no way I wasn’t going to eat at this place. They advertise that they now offer gluten free bread and the combination of ingredients making up their sandwiches sounded super awesome! They have two locations in Philadelphia but I ate at the one on Girard Ave.

Taking precautions

The friendly chef

The menu

On first walking into this tiny little place I wasn’t too certain they would have anything gluten free as it’s basically as tiny takeout sandwich shop with a few high stools for anyone who wants to eat in. My fears faded however once I started speaking with the chef who was extremely nice and knowledgeable about celiac disease. It turns out the owner’s children are celiac and they offer gluten free bread so that he can bring his kids in for lunch. The chef knew all about cross contamination issues and took all the precautions he could by putting a clean cutting board down and thoroughly cleaning everything he used. I went for the Paesano which is beef brisket, horseradish mayo, roasted tomatoes, pepperincino, sharp provolone and a fried egg. It was a philly cheesesteak style sandwich but more exciting and made with really good gluten free bread which the chef told us they get from New Jersey as they haven’t been able to source anything as good in the city.

This sandwich was quite the experience and I will definitely be back at some point during my month in Philly!

Happy with my sandwich


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  • That sandwich looked delicious and you looked so happy with it. With all the new diets and promises fading who is counting calories.

  • I was in Philadelphia this week and tried to eat here for dinner. I was sad to discover they were only open from 11am to 3pm. 🙁 I did discover another great Venezuelan restaurant to try if you are ever in Philly again. It’s called Sazon Restaurant and they offer an excellent gluten free food selection at reasonable prices. The owner and her husband were very friendly and helpful.

  • Sorry to hear you didn’t get to try their delicious sandwiches but great that found a tasty Venezuelan place! I’m a big fan of Venezuelan since finding Pica Pica in San Francisco so I”ll certainly check it out if I find myself back in Philly 🙂

  • You better know exactly what you want when you go in because this guy doesn’t have the patience to answer your questions. He’ll actually kick you out. He is so rude and was out of gluten free bread.

  • I was in Philly a year ago and read your comment and forgot to post that I followed your recommendation. The staff were busy filling a large out of store lunch order. Just 2 of us in the restaurant. Like Erin said, the guy didn’t have a lot of patience, but it sure was entertaining to hear the staff’s banter as they worked. Regardeless, it was the VERY BEST sandwich I’ve had in my life. The GF bread was perfect as was the sandwich. My eyes actually watered up after my first bite as it was pretty much perfect. Thanks for your recommendation.