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Gluten Free Chicken Pesto Sandwich

I’m a huge pesto fan. It’s naturally gluten free, simple to make and full of flavour – what’s not to love! I’m a pretty big fan of sandwiches too, when they’re gluten free of course, so what better than a tasty gluten free pesto and chicken sandwich for lunch or dinner. When making pesto we
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Los Gatos/Morgan Hill Gluten Free

Yesterday I went on a mini road trip with a friend which took us to Los Gatos and Morgan Hill, an hour or so south of San Francisco. She had a couple of short meetings in each town so I used this as an opportunity to discover what these small towns have to offer in
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Gluten Free Sandwiches Ike’s

On Sunday John and I whilst on one of our uber-long walks around the city decided to head in the direction of Ike’s. Our stomachs were telling us that it was getting close to lunch time, John had heard great things about this place and I had noticed on their website that they did gluten
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Gluten Free Stirling

UPDATE: Bluebell Tearoom had now moved to 1a Pitt Terrace in Stirling. The word is that they now have delicious gluten free pancakes and a separate toaster for gluten free toasted sandwiches! Today I was invited to the Bluebell Tearoom in Stirling by owner, Lisa, to try some of the gluten free treats they have
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Gluten Free Reid’s Cafe, Perth, Scotland

Last weekend I drove up to Perth to visit my lovely friend Fiona. I’m lucky to have so many nice friends and family members who are always on the lookout for coeliac friendly places to eat and shop. Fiona is one of these friends and last week when she walked into Reid’s Cafe on the
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Gluten Free Food For All Market, Mt. Airy

Amazing gluten free sandwiches are fast becoming common place here in Philadelphia. Just when I thought Paesano’s was going to be the only amazing sandwich I would discover during my time in Philly, I find Food For All Market in the Mt. Airy neighbourhood. It was recommended to me by a few local celiacs and
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Gluten Free Paesano’s, Philly

This weekend I ate what may possibly have been the greatest sandwich of my life this far. Granted, it had been a while since my last sandwich adventure, but this one was  not like anything I’ve ever tasted before. Definitely worth the hour long walk in the rain to get there!

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Gluten Free Mendoza

I spent a few lovely days in Mendoza, the highlight of which was a tour of local vineyards by bicycle. Tour a vineyard followed by sampling, cycle to the next and repeat equals an amazing day in the beautiful Argentine sunshine.

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Gluten Free Sandwich Meat

Finding a sandwich meat that’s gluten free can be a difficult task as this type of meat is almost always processed and therefore gluten tends to have found it’s way in somehow. Back in the UK I use Bernard Matthews meat on my sandwiches because it’s labelled as being gluten free and there are a
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