Philadelphia Chutney Company

Delicious and filling dosas

Last week I was invited by the owner of Philly Chutney Company to sample some of the restaurant’s gluten free dishes. Approximately 60% of the dishes on their current menu are gluten free but they were looking for my advice on how they could make some changes to ingredients/cooking procedures in an effort to make more dishes suitable and safe for celiacs. Non gluten free items are pretty obvious. Their wraps are wheat wraps but the plan is to offer corn or rice wraps for gluten free customers. In the near future, they hope to label gluten free dishes as so in order that celiacs can come and feel comfortable ordering dishes. Dishes made of entirely gluten free ingredients and where cross contamination is not an issue.

John and I ordered two dosas. One with grilled corn, jack cheese, arugula, roasted onions, roasted peppers and avocado. The other was grilled portobello mushroom, roasted onions, spinach and goat’s cheese. We also tried the soup, Idli (steamed lentil cakes) and Gobi Manchurian (an Indo-Chinese cauliflower snack) along with all of their fresh chutneys for dipping. These included mango, tomato, cilantro, curry and coconut. The Gobi Manchuruan is normally made with a small amount of wheat flour but after some discussion with the owner on how this could be substituted to make it safe for celiacs, the chef prepared a special plate of tasty and 100% gluten free Gobi for me. It was quite the meal!

Lentil cakes and soup

Inside my delicious dosa

The dosas were really fun to eat. Sandwiches are delicious but I tend to polish them off too quickly. Dosas take a little more time and effort but are equally delicious. The steamed lentil cakes were an interesting texture and very yummy when dipped in mango chutney. The spicy cauliflower snack was fantastic and despite John’s normally less than loving attitude towards cauliflower, he was impressed. It was still cauliflower though so a few pieces were enough for him, leaving the rest for me to put into my already ridiculously full tummy!

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  • hey!

    I was here yesterday and I simply loved the food 🙂 thx! I was so desperate for something gluten free that would be different from a salad…