The Butterfly and Pig Gluten Free

Fantastic gluten free food!

The Butterfly and Pig is my favourite restaurant in Glasgow and somewhere I like to visit for dinner at least a couple of times a month so finding out whether or not they had gluten free options on their delicious menu was one of my first ports of call after finding out I had coeliac disease.  The Butterfly and Pig is located on Bath Street in Glasgow and is a restaurant and bar with a variety of fun entertainment every night of the week and amazing smells that hit you as soon as you walk through their door.

I was a little nervous about asking my waiter which of their meals were gluten free (mainly because I was worried they wouldn’t know what I was talking about and then I could not long eat here!) but as soon as I said the words ‘gluten free’ the waiter explained the menu items they had which were either natually gluten free or that the chef could make gluten free for me. The restaurant stock gluten free bread which means I can choose from some of the items I would never have expected to be able to eat again.

The restaurant have weekly specials and even some of the regular items change on a weekly basis but here is a list of some of my favourites from their menu which can be made gluten free. If you decide to visit then these dishes ( or something like them) are the type of thing you have to look forward to. I love their menu. It’s so quirky and fun!

– Tittys traditional fish and chips, battered to death pollock with mushy peas which have some ham through it, kitchen made tartar sauce and a slice of lemon

– Vegetabebell sanwegeable with onion, carrot, asparagus baby peas, tomatoes plus the rest of this cabbage patch family on a slice of toast and with crowdie on top and a wee bit of balsamic on top of that

– Mushsmallroom burger, served on wilted leaves, contains dunlop cheese, seasoning and chips (veggie heaven)

– Bean around the world, around the world lots of exotic beans and spices made into a beany bean burger coming with a side salad and mango chutney (veggie burger)

– Mmmm!homer said to the steak sannerwedge, olive oil, mustard and our own toast is that not what you put in a toaster, costs a little bit more but its dexters finest beef

If you live in Glasgow or are planning to travel here for a wee visit to our lively city then you will not be disappointed by the fantastic butterfly and pig. Whenever I’m back in Glasgow, it’s my first port of call for a delicious celiac friendly meal!


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