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I’d eaten at 13th Note a couple of times prior to finding out I had Coeliac disease. It’s a music venue, bar and vegan and vegetarian cafe. I remember going there for dinner with my boyfriend a couple of weeks before being diagnosed and thinking that we would definitely have to come back if it did turn out I was Coeliac as their menu clearly labels the dishes which are naturally gluten free (gf) and others which have a gluten free option (gfo). I remember trying the pad thai noodles on that occasion because I figured it might be my last chance to try them. Sadly it was and they were pretty tasty but luckily the menu has lots of gluten free options which are equally delicious!! If you find yourself looking for a gluten free nibble in Glasgow then travel down to the 13th Note and give your appetite a treat!

Gluten free choices:


GREEN AND BLACK OLIVES marinated in fresh garlic, chilli and lemon GF

COURGETTE, BABYCORN and dill cakes with a sweet chilli and coriander dip GF

NACHOS oven baked corn chips with salsa GF

HOUSE SALAD with a lime coriander and red pepper dressing GF

GREEK SALAD lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives and feta GF

Main Meals:

SWEET n SOUR MOROCCAN TAGINE of chickpea, mushroom and peppers served with cous cous GFO

LEMONGRASS, GINGER & PARMESAN RISSOTO CAKES with thai curry, greens and flatbread GFO

POTATO CAKES with mushroom and peas served with a roasted red pepper sauce and salad GF

SALAD of the week served with crusty bread…. Ask your server or see specials board GFO


BAKED POTATO and Salad GF £4.25
Choose from:
– MUSHROOMS with garlic and herbs
– MOZZARELLA and red onion V
– HUMOUS and rocket …….


CREAMY COCONUT RICE PUDDING -  rich and creamy, served with a berry compote.GF


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