10 Ways To Eat An Avocado

Delicious avocados!

Avocados are awesome, wouldn’t you agree? They taste great, they’re full of vitamins and minerals and they’re gluten free. Avocados are a great food for celiacs and also a very versatile food. I’ve incorporated avocados into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Avocados are also a great food for gluten free travellers as they can be eaten as a healthy snack when you’re on the move and they can be found pretty much anywhere in the world. These are some of my favourite ways to eat an avocado..

Sprinkled with chilli powder or salt

Fresh, ripe avocado sliced open and sprinkled with chilli powder or salt is one of my favourite high energy snacks!

As part of a smoothie

Avocado can be a great addition to lots of different smoothies. I like them best with banana, apple and lime juice.

All mixed up as guacamole or salsa

Gluten free guacamole or salsa are so simple to make as the ingredients are naturally gluten free. Guacamole or avocado salsa tastes great with chips, veggies or poured over a meal as a sauce.

Avocado with chilli powder

Quinoa salad with avocado


On gluten free toast

If you’re someone who likes a cup of tea with a piece of toast for breakfast, avocado can be a healthy, creamy, delicious substitute for butter. It can also be a great addition to any sandwich if you have tasty gluten free bread.

As part of a salad

Avocado adds a lot of flavour to a salad whether as a main ingredient or on top in place of a dressing.

With black beans, rice and egg

For a Mexican style breakfast, beans, rice and egg served with avocado is delicious!

In fajitas

Corn tortillas filled with grilled meat and veggies, perhaps some cheese. I love adding chunks of fresh avocado to my fajitas.

As a side to chilli con carne

Guacamole or simply fresh avocado is great as a side to any main dish and it’s my favourite side to eat with chilli. It beats out salsa or sour cream for me.

In sushi

If you’re looking for vegetarian sushi, avocado maki is one of the best. Add some wasabi and dip in gluten free soy sauce. it’s naturally gluten free and easy to find either eating out or to make yourself.

With sweet potato chips

By chips I mean chunky fries. Chopping up sweet potatoes, baking them in the oven with a little olive oil and serving them with avocado is one of my favourite dishes.

How do you eat your avocado? Share your ideas in the comments below..

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  • Emily G

    Mar 28th, 2012

    My favourite use of Avocado is with chicken & bacon sandwich. The lovely cooked chicken & crispy bacon works so well with avocado. You can have it as a salad with lettuce etc or chopped up together & mixed with a little mayonnaise in a gluten-free roll or sandwich. Yum.

  • I love turkey, avocado and mayo sandwiches (on GF bread of course), or avocado, tomato and raw garlic sandwiches (yes, there’s a bite, but so worth it). I also like to use them for boats in which you can put tuna or crab salad. In Jamaica (where they call them ‘pear’), I’ve eaten them as a plain side dish sprinkled with salt, and they were just perfect that way.

  • In onigiri! Mmm. On a cheese sandwich. All of the ways you stated.

    We have a bunch of different varieties of avocado growing here on Maui. My favorite is one that is so buttery and delicious. It’s outrageous! Haas avocados have nothing on it. There are a few that I don’t like, such as the one with fibers running through the flesh. Blech. Sadly, that was the only avocado tree on my last property.

  • Amanda, you are so lucky to have an avocado tree! I would love that so much 😀

    I want to try this buttery, delicious avocado. Do you know the name of it? Can I find it here in California? I can’t wait to try the produce when I make it to Hawaii on my gluten free travels..