What Was Your Last (Glutenous) Meal?

Pre-celiac cereal

Guatemala, a few months before diagnosis

Can you remember the last gluten filled meal that you ate before gluten became your most loathed enemy? Did you know at the time that it was going to be your last?

I remember my final glutenous meal very clearly. It was the morning before I headed to the hospital to find out the results from my endoscopy. The idea that I may have something called celiac disease had been around for a while. I had almost all of the symptoms but they wanted to make sure this was the answer to my problems before I started my gluten free diet.

I was about 90% certain that morning that this was going to be the last bowl of gluten that I ever ate so I made sure it was one to remember. Before I left my apartment I ate a bowl of frosted flakes, corn flakes, rice krispies, shreddies and grape nuts. I used to love mixing all my favourites into the one bowl and that morning was no exception. It was a huge bowl of cereal! Of course I didn’t feel the best waiting to speak to my doctor after consuming all this gluten but it had to be done, I needed a final goodbye.

We have the results from your biopsy…celiac disease….gluten free diet from now on.

That huge bowl of cereal was the last gluten I ever (intentionally) ate. On the way home from the hospital my dad and I stopped at Tesco (a huge supermarket chain in the UK) and headed straight to the gluten free section. At this time my knowledge of gluten free grocery shopping was very limited. They had three different boxes of gluten free cereal. My dad bought me one of each and that evening I had my first bowl of gluten free cereal. It wasn’t the same, but it wasn’t so bad.

What was your final glutenous meal before you began your gluten free diet? Share your stories in the comments below..


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  • I remember it all too well – I was on my trial out week to see if the diet would FINALLY be the thing to make me feel better after trying and ruling out so many other things. I was three or four days into the trial when I said, “this is too hard and it is NOT WORKING. f^$%$%&$*$% this!” and I are a nice big bowl of mac and cheese. After not too much time I was feeling like I had swallowed little shards of glass that did not wanna be in there instead of wheat, and for the first time in years I really knew why. I had my proof that yes, though it may be hard to keep up and I wasn’t seeing the full effect yet, gluten was ze’ culprit. LONG LIVE THE GLUTEN FREE LIFE! Feel’n fine since 2009.

  • I’m not exactly sure it was my ~last dinner per se but it was Christmas Dinner and I ate like it was my last, polished it off with a few cans of HARP larger (Irish Beer). I think I saw my gastroenterologist for the results on Dec 27th and the rest is history!

  • My last dinner was an Indian buffet with a ton of garlic naan. This was after about a month being gluten free. I got such a bad migraine that I haven’t craved or gone out of my way to eat gluten ever since. Usually at Indian restaurants I eat the curries over salad now, since I can’t have rice either. Still tastes great, and I feel great afterwards too!

  • I can’t remember food, but I drank my last (real) beer the night before my endoscopy. The blood work was positive and I was fairly sure the endoscopy would be too. I got the results right after the procedure and never ate or drank gluten again! Or at least not on purpose.

  • Not sure the absolute last but I had gone GF before getting tested so I had to poison myself for 8 weeks before the test. I do recall indulging in more than one chicken tender wrap at the office cafeteria and having an oversized New York style bagel for breakfast every morning!

  • Thanks everyone for sharing your last glutenous meal stories. How interesting! 🙂

  • A cheeseburger. Filled with a gluten bun and all!!!

  • I was on my trial week (after my endoscopy) when my Gastro told me to “try” to eat gluten free until the diagnosis was conclusive. I was doing well until my birthday, and I decided I would eat whatever I want. The strange thing is that the effects always hit me the day after, so I felt fine that day eating all the gluten in sight. I’m pretty sure we ate at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant for my birthday, and I believe I had Breaded Eggplant Parmesean with angel hair pasta. The next day (feeling nauseas from the day before), I got the call that I was postive for Celiac. What a birthday present!