Gluten Free Bariloche

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been somewhere with gluten free tales to tell but thankfully San Carlos de Bariloche has a few good dieteticas that cater for coeliacs.

Quinoa dietetica

Alsina dietetica

One really good one is Quinoa, which is on Albarracin 711. They sell a lot of things for coeliacs and when we went there, we were helped by a really nice woman who showed me all of the gluten free things they have to offer. Like most dieteticas they have cookies, pastas and various sweet treats but unlike your average dietetica they also have a freezer filled with frozen gluten free products.  They have empanadas, pizzas, pastas and various desserts. I’ve travelled throughout Patagonia and this is the first place in the area I’ve found to stock these types of pre-prepared foods. Unfortunately they were out of empanadas when we were there so instead I bought some of their refrigerated empanada wraps to make our own empanadas de carne.

I was told of a good gluten free place called Rucaumel, which apparently does a good variety of gluten free food, but which I didn’t have time to visit. It is located at the bottom of Cerro Otto (as part of a strip mall area), one of the mountains in the area. Almost all of the dieteticas we visited told us about this place which looks like an entirely gluten free kitchen selling bread, pasta, pizza, cakes and tarts.

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  • Hello GF Traveller , Thank you for including us in your web site. Waiting in Bariloche..

  • High-Five Adventurer

    Apr 4th, 2014

    Thanks so much for this advice. Just wanted to let travellers know that the Qunioa Dietician is still up and running with a lovely owner who was very helpful. (April 2014)
    Happy Travels Everyone!

  • Hi again,

    Between Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes, there is a little town called Villa la Angostura. On the main street about halfway down is a grocery store. I found gluten-free/dairy-free boxed mixes there that were fantastic! I’ve tried the pancake mix (just add an egg and water), chocolate brownie and white cake mixes. What a great treat on the road! (April 2014)

    Happy Travelling!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is my compiled list of where I found gluten-free/dairy-free products when I was in South America (Jan-May 2014). I hope it’s helpful for everyone:

    Happy Travelling!