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Gluten Free Siga La Vaca

Argentina is famous for it’s Parilla (BBQ) and a trip to Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a Tenedor Libre. In Spanish this translates to free fork and basically means all you can eat. Siga La Vaca is an all you can eat parilla with a few different locations throughout Buenos Aires
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Gluten Free Rosario, Argentina

Rosario has one fantastic gluten free store that no coeliac travelling to this great city should miss! El Almacen del celiaco (on Salta 2449)  is a 100% gluten free store which stocks everything a coeliac living in or travelling to Rosario could want.

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Gluten Free Lebanese Cordoba

Being the second largest city in Argentina, I would have expected more from Cordoba in terms of gluten free foods but unfortunately it seems to just be Buenos Aires that is coeliac friendly.

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Gluten Free Chile

I spent a little over a week in Chile….what a beautiful country! However, they are definitely not as coeliac friendly as their Argentine neighbours! I only visited Valparaiso and San Pedro de Atacama so I can’t speak for the entire country but from speaking to Chilean people and from my research, Chile is not the
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Gluten Free Mendoza

I spent a few lovely days in Mendoza, the highlight of which was a tour of local vineyards by bicycle. Tour a vineyard followed by sampling, cycle to the next and repeat equals an amazing day in the beautiful Argentine sunshine.

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Top Tips For Gluten Free Hostel Cooking

It’s always exciting to discover gluten free eateries or at least restaurants and cafes that serve gluten free options when travelling. They make us happy and add to the cultural experience of travelling. There are gluten free wonders awaiting us, the gluten free travellers, in all corners of the globe but unfortunately these places are
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Gluten Free Bariloche

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been somewhere with gluten free tales to tell but thankfully San Carlos de Bariloche has a few good dieteticas that cater for coeliacs.

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Gluten Free Home Made Empanadas!

Whilst finding gluten free empanadas is easy enough in Buenos Aires, on the road it has been impossible. I’ve been craving them for weeks now so when I came across gluten free empanada wraps in a dietetica in Bariloche, the idea of making a bunch of my own sounded like a fantastic idea!

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Gluten Free Andesmar

The buses in Argentina are great and considering the size of the country and the amount of time you need to spend on the bus getting from place to place, this is a good thing!

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Gluten Free Puerto Madryn

Our first stop in Patagonia was Puerto Madryn where we spent a week. In and around this pretty little town we saw some of the most amazing animals. Dolphins…whales…sea lions…penguins…sea elephants!

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