Carrigans, Hamilton Gluten Free

Yummy gluten free curry!

John Carrigan’s is a fantastic, family run bar and restaurant in Hamilton, Scotland, very near to Glasgow. The food is tasty, the portions are big and the staff are friendly. It’s an altogether nice place to have a drink or to go for a meal out. I ate here a lot before being diagnosed as celiac and it was one of the places I always wished I could still eat at but up until recently there was no mention of them doing gluten free options. Around a year ago my mum was there for a meal and noticed an introduction of gluten free signage on their menu! I had to check it out when I was back in town!

When making a booking to come back for a meal I asked one of the staff a few questions about their gluten free options. They started offering gluten free options due to demand. A number of customers had been asking about gluten free options and they wanted to cater for these customers. I’m always concerned about methods of preparation when it comes to eating somewhere which isn’t 100% gluten free. The staff here know their stuff. Gluten free dishes are made using separate utensils/equipment. Where fried stuff is concerned, chips are made in their own special fryer, apparently because they need different oil from other things and so this also eliminates any cross contamination. The chef at Carrigan’s I was told has a pretty serious sea food allergy and understands the importance of safely and carefully preparing food for those of us with allergies and intolerances.

The menu is filled with a whole bunch of different things from pizza and pasta to Mexican dishes to traditional dishes like steak pie, sunday roast and fish and chips. A good selection of the menu is gluten free including some of the starters, mains, Mexican dishes and pasta (they do gluten free pasta). I fancied a curry so I ordered the Chicken Tikka with rice and chips…how British of me! It was delicious!

I’m so glad that Carrigan’s is now celiac friendly. It’s not often that I get the opportunity to eat pub food anymore and now here’s a place where I can. Hamilton is also very near to and easily reached from Glasgow so if you’re headed to Glasgow on a gluten free trip you don’t need to miss out on Carrigan’s.


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  • I’ll be visiting Glasgow this year so will try and head along to Carrigan’s too. Sounds like it’s well worth a visit. Great to know staff are well trained and have a good knowledge of cross-contamination.