Huge dosa

Dakhin is a South Indian restaurant situated in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. Their menu is wide and varied, serving chicken, pork, prawn and vegetable dishes of varying flavours and spices. They also have some interesting sounding starters as well as slightly different side dishes, Dosas and Uttapams (crepes made with rice and lentils served with coconut chutney) as well as steamed rice. An impressive assortment of choices but what’s even better is that all dishes on the menu, except one, are gluten free, including the breads and sides as they are made of  rice and lentils. They have a good, varied range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks too.

On sitting down, I wanted to confirm that everything was gluten free. One of the waiters wasn’t sure at first but after checking with the chef he could confirm to me that everything but one dish was in fact gluten free. Woohoo! I had free range of the menu to choose whatever I wanted and I could even try what my friends were having. After ordering (I had the  BATATA KEERAI SOUNG, a potato and spinach dish cooked with sweet and sour flavours and coconut oil…mmmm) the waiter brought us a bowl of poppadum like crisps and 3 dipping sauces. He told us that this was also gluten free. All the food was delicious and the staff were very nice. I will definitely be going back for more gluten free south Indian treats. A great restaurant for any coeliacs travelling through Glasgow in search of delicious gluten free delights. It’s quite the challenge to find places to eat which are completely gluten free and therefore free from the threat of cross contamination so a place like this is quite the find!

South Indian cuisine in general tends to be naturally gluten free and safe for coeliacs. I’ve since found a bunch of similar restaurants in various cities and countries around the world! Yay for naturally gluten free curry!

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  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for this review…. I’m off on a shopping trip to Glasgow tomorrow and found your blog while hunting for some gluten free friendly restaurants in Glasgow. I like the look of Dakhin, especially since almost everything on the menu is gluten free. Can’t wait 🙂


  • Hi Suzanne, I’m glad I could help with your hunt for gluten free restaurants. 🙂 I really like Dakhin. The food is amazing and totally safe for us which is fantastic. I hope you have a good time when you go…definitely get one of the huge dosas if you go with a few people! They are so fun 🙂