Terry’s Chocolate Orange Gluten Free?

I was given a Terry’s chocolate Orange at work today…something I completely forget about until the festive season comes around and they seem to be everywhere! Are these delicious Christmassy chocolate delights gluten free? On the back of the box is the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Careline so I thought I’d give them a call to find out. A pleasant sounding man answered my call…

Me: Hello, I was wondering whether the Terry’s Chocolate Orange is gluten free?

Nice man: Well, all of the ingredients in the product are gluten free (oooh, this sounds positive!) However, (hrmm, not a good sign) as our chocolate orange is made in a factory alongside other products which do contain gluten we cannot guarantee that this product is completely gluten free.

Me: That’s not the answer I was hoping for 🙁

Nice man: It depends how allergic to gluten you are…

Me: Well, I have Coeliac Disease so I cannot have any gluten at all!

Nice man: Well in that case I would recommend that you stick to the products which are definitely gluten free.

Me: So which of your products are completely gluten free then?

Nice man: Actually none of Kraft’s products can claim to be completely gluten free as we do not operate in gluten free factories.

So basically Terry’s Chocolate Orange has no gluten containing ingredients but it’s made in a factory or on machinery with gluten containing products. If cross contamination isn’t an issue for you then you’re good to go! If it is then perhaps give them a call to find out more about their manufacturing procedures.

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  • Thanks for this bit of info, and for such a cool blog – it’s been very helpful to me as a newly diagnosed coeliac sufferer.

  • I suffered horrible pain and reactions to this after eating it. id advise other coeliacs dont eat it

  • Yeah I do not do well with these.

    I can kinda get away with it, but I definitely know I’ve had something I shouldn’t have. If you’re severely allergic i’d give them a miss.