J D Wetherspoon

JD Wetherspoon can be found all over the UK and have quite a few locations in and around Glasgow. This bar/restaurant chains does cheap drinks and a wide selection of bar food at good prices. Wetherspoon isn’t a place for a romantic meal but it’s great if you’re looking for a cheap night out with a fairly varied menu and lots of daily drink deals. Most importantly Wetherspoons also caters for coeliacs. Their menu uses a gluten free symbol to show which of their dishes are free from ingredients containing gluten. There are quite a few options for the gluten free of us, particularly their curry and meat dishes, and some of these are pretty tasty! The only thing I would say made me feel a little uncertain about eating here was when I saw this at the bottom of their menu:

‘We monitor the presence of gluten in all our products; however, we cannot guarantee that any items are free from traces of gluten.’

This lack of guarantee is due to the fact that their gluten free dishes are made in the same area as their dishes which do contain gluten so most restaurants would probably have to say the same thing. Wetherspoons however do recommend that gluten free customers change any order which comes with chips for a jacket potato to decrease the chance of contamination. So far, from my experience of eating here, I have not had any problems with cross contamination and their £1.50 Disaronno and mixer will definitely entice me back! Having an eating place like this with gluten free options available, wherever you choose to travel around the UK, is great for coeliacs.


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