Prepacked Sushi

One of my favourite lunchtime snacks is prepacked Sushi, which I normally buy from Tesco, Asda or Sainsburys in the UK. It’s also something I normally buy to take with me when I travel.  I know that generally Sushi is natually gluten free, especially Nigiri which is simply raw fish and rice, but can I be sure that all of the ingredients that make up these prepacked sushi snacks are gluten free? The ingredients label on the back of all of these packs does say that it contains gluten and wheat but since they all contain a bottle of soy sauce and I know this contains gluten could this mean that the sushi itself does not contain gluten or wheat?  Since being diagnosed I still eat most prepacked sushi unless the rolls contain something like sweet chilli sauce which is likely to contain gluten. Most of the packs actually lay out the ingredients of each individual sushi roll so I can see what is in each one. Although I cannot be 100% sure that none of these ingredients contain gluten, it looks as though the sushi itself is normally gluten free. I have never felt sick after eating them so can I assume that by throwing away the soy sauce and just eating the sushi itself I am safe? If anyone has insight into my sushi uncertainties then please let me know….

UPDATE: (From a more experienced me two years later). I would never eat this sushi now. I only eat fresh sushi at restaurants. The ingredients in this pre-packed supermarket sushi are not simply fish and rice, they also include various other ingredients which could well be gluten containing. Opt for fresh sushi instead, either at a restaurant or make your own at home and be sure to have your own gluten free soy sauce with you!

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  • Hi Laura…why not just make your own sushi? With the availability of quality sushi making supplies online and the ease and simplicity of making great sushi at home you could always be assured of getting Gluten-Free, fresh sushi. There is also a sense of pride in being able to make your own sushi.

  • Dear newly diagnosed Laura, the sushi you were eating back then almost certainly contained gluten, whether from the ingredients or at the least cross contamination. I would never eat something pre-made like this now 🙂

    Making your own is certainly a much better idea!

  • The biggest thing to avoid–aside, of course, from soy sauce–is fake crab, which very often contains gluten. Inari is cooked in soy sauce, so you should avoid it, too. AND sometimes the sesame seeds are cross contaminated, so I recommend asking for seedless sushi. Otherwise, eat away!