The Curry Leaf

The Curry Leaf is an Indian tapas resturant in the west end of Glasgow and yesterday I thought I’d give them a call to see what their gluten free options are like. When the man answered the phone, I explained that I was interested in eating at their restaurant and was wondering about which of the items on their menu were gluten free. The man started to explain what kind of food and drink they offered. I thought he might not have heard me correctly so re-explained what I was looking to find out. Again he began to explain their menu and told me they were doing a special offer at the moment. For a third time I asked him ‘but what gluten free options do you have?’ and at this point he transferred me onto a colleague.

The woman I was now speaking to understood what I was asking and said she would ask the chef. While I was waiting for her to return I could hear the first man asking his colleague what I had asked. She explained and I heard him saying ‘What’s gluten, like nuts and stuff?’ At this point there was no way I’d be eating at this restaurant but thought I may aswell wait to hear what the chef had to say. When the woman came back to the phone she said that she had asked the chef but that he didn’t know which things contained gluten. She said they could probably make any of the menu items gluten free. This as you might imagine did not fill me with confidence! I thanked the woman for her help but said that I wouldn’t want to risk eating there. She told me she thought I might say that.

If any Coeliacs have eaten here and haven’t had any problems with glutenation then please let me know…Their menu looked pretty tasty but I wasn’t going to risk it when the chef himself didn’t know about the gluten content of the meals he was producing!

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