Reykjavik research

I’m heading off to Iceland in just over a week so I’ve been looking into what I can find out about Reykjavik and any gluten free options that may be awaiting me! So far I haven’t been able to find much….When I travel I love eating out so my first port of call was to do some research into any restaurants in Reykjavik that offer gluten free options. I came across which provides a list of restaurants in lots of different cities that have been found to cater for the gluten free of us. For Reykjavik, the list is pretty short so hopefully I’ll be able to help them out with a few ideas after this trip. For now though Indian Mango ( is somewhere I’m definitely going to have to try! The menu on their site says that all of their main dishes are gluten free…Too good to be true right? and everything sounds delicioso too!! Stay tuned to find out….

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