The Wheelhouse, Falkirk

Last weekend my brother and his wife came up from London for the weekend. My dad wanted to take us all out for dinner on the Saturday night and he decided on The Wheelhouse in Falkirk. When he called to book our table he made sure that they had some gluten free options on their menu and was ensured that they did. I decided that since I didn’t know anything about this restaurant I would email them to ask for a list of gluten free options. The next day a personalised reply came:

We have a number of dishes that are gluten free-

 Prawn Cocktail- no sauce

Pear Salad

Pan Roasted Salmon

Cajun Chicken

Blackened Salmon

Marinated Chicken


Salmon and Prawn Salad – no sauce

Unfortunately our chunky chips are not gluten free, we can offer boiled, rice or salad instead. We also have skinny fries that are gluten free, however I would advise that they would be cooked in same fryer as the other chunky chips.

We can also offer Cajun Cream sauce or tomato and basil sauce.

I was very happy with this reponse and glad that they were certain about which of their menu items are gluten free. I was impressed that they also mentioned how they cook their chips as lots of restaurants don’t even consider the contamination factor!

On arriving at the restaurant I ordered the blackened salmon and king prawn with jambalya rice and cajun cream sauce. Delicious and definitely gluten free!!! Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a choice of desserts for me but the staff were very helpful, letting me know that the creme brulee was gluten free but that their ice cream wasn’t so they could make me a fruit salad. I opted for a couple of Amarettos instead and nibbled on the tasty tablet that came with the coffee.

The Wheelhouse is a lovely restaurant with very helpful staff and a few delicious gluten free options to be tried. If you travel through Falkirk then I would recommend giving this place a try.


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