La Tasca

This week my boyfriend and I were invited out to dinner with a group of people, most of whom I hadn’t met before, and my first thought was that I didn’t want to go somewhere that would be difficult to find gluten free options. I love going out to eat and trying new restaurants but the thought of spending half the night talking to the waiter/waitress discussing the gluten free status of the menu isn’t my idea of a great night out, especially if I’m not with close family or friends.

It turned out that there was nothing to worry about…the plan was to go to La Tasca, a Spanish tapas bar in the centre of town. As usual I visited the restaurant’s website the day before to see what my choices would be. I figured that since it was a Tapas restaurant and there would be lots of different choices the likelihood of quite a few of these being gluten free was fairly high. I was ecstatic to see that La Tasca label everything gluten free with ‘GF’…a Coeliacs dream!!!!

The food was delicious!!! When ordering my Paella de venduras and a couple of wee tapas dishes I double checked with our waitress that these choices were definitely gluten free. She assured me that they were and I proceeded to eat and drink lots and lots and lots.

To cover themselves this restaurant includes, at the bottom of their menu,  ‘This dish is gluten-free, but please note that we do not operate in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen area.’ This is normal practice and I didn’t have any glutenation problems. I would definitely recommend La Tasca as a simple and delicious option for any gluten free travellers looking for somewhere to eat in Glasgow.

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