Fueling up the night before

Sweet potato and kimchi pizza....

...Ready to eat

The night before a big race, runners everywhere are filling up on pasta, spaghetti and various other high carb foods. On race day they will need all of the energy they can find and a carb heavy meal the night before and a decent sized breakfast 2-3 hours before the race are as important a part of a runner’s preparation as a good night’s sleep!

I’ve been running for about two and a half years now and before being diagnosed as celiac, my pre-race routine would involve going to my favourite pizza and pasta bar the evening before to stock up on my carbs with a huge bowl of chicken and pepper penne arribiata.

Now that this is not longer an option and whilst there are some restaurants I could probably still go to for my carb fest, I feel much safer preparing my own pre-race dinner. I definitely don’t want to be glutenated at a time when I need every single piece of energy that my body can muster! These days my carb fest tends to be either a rice based dish or gluten free pasta/spaghetti with lots of veggies and a home made sauce.

My favourite night before simple gluten free carb fests:

Chilli con carne with rice (garlic, mince, kidney beans, tomatoes, peppers and/or various other veggies, chilli powder, black and red pepper, rice)

Gluten Free Spaghetti with spicy bolognese (gf spaghetti, mince, tomatoes, basil, garlic, red and black pepper, peppers, carrots)

Sweet potato, spinach and chick pea curry with rice (sweet potato, spinach, chick peas, tomato, chilli, garam masala, peppers, rice)

Tuna, bean and veggie rice with chilli, soy and horseradish sauce (rice, tuna, mixed beans, sweet corn, peppers, pineapple, chilli powder, gf soy, horseradish sauce)

Gluten Free kimchi and sweet potato pizza (gf pizza base, tomato puree, grated cheese, sweet potato, kimchi, basil)

GF chilli con carne

What’s your favourite pre-race meal? Share your ideas in the comments..

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