Cadbury’s Creme Eggs Gluten Free



UPDATE: Jan, 2015:

As of this month, there are still a whole bunch of Cadbury’s selection which they say is “Gluten Absent”. You can check out the most updated list here yourself. I came looking to see if creme eggs are still gluten-free after all the recent madness about the change in recipe and for now at least, they no longer appear to be on the gluten absent list! Strangely the Creme Egg Twisted is still on the list so I’m hoping someone from Cadbury will get back to me soon and let me know once and for all if these new creme eggs are safe for us to eat! Until then, Twirls, Crunchies and Wispas it is..


Creme Eggs

Creme Eggs

Easter is here and that means many of us will be pondering whether or not to munch on a gooey creme egg. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are delicious sugary. creme goodness…but are they gluten free?

According to Cadbury’s website…yes they are and as you would expect the mini creme eggs are too!

If you’re wondering whether Creme Eggs in the US are gluten free you’ll want to check out Hershey’s as they are the ones who make Cadbury’s products in the US and therefore whether they are gluten free or not is up to them and their manufacturing processes.


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