Gluten Free Bakersfield, CA

Tasty sushi!

I found myself in Bakersfield earlier this week when my friend and I took a little road trip heading south for a few days. Bakersfield probably isn’t a town I would have chosen to visit without a reason but I was glad I got the chance to as we met some very friendly locals who helped me celebrate my 29th birthday!

Bakersfield is a five hour drive from San Francisco so by the time we arrived we were hungry for dinner (even after all the garlic ice cream in Gilroy!) We both felt like sushi and so we checked out Ichiban Sushi on 2641 Oswell Street, a place I’d found online which got some good reviews. I brought my own gluten free soy sauce as usual and our server seemed to think this was pretty cute. I explained to her that I was celiac and couldn’t eat anything with wheat or gluten. I asked if the sushi chef could change his gloves and prepare my meal separately to avoid cross contamination. The chef looked over and nodded at me as he changed his gloves to show that he was doing as I asked.

The sushi here was tender and delicious and had the perfect rice to fish ratio. The best sushi to me is that which melts in your mouth and this did. I ordered six pieces of nigiri  and one tuna roll. We were served some complimentary edamame on the side. Yum! I would definitely eat here again.

Gluten free shopping wise, I wandered into Nature’s Food Market and Juice Bar, located on 1918 G Street in the city. It’s a small market which sells various juices and a variety of groceries, a large number of which are gluten free. I noticed gluten free sauces, gluten free pastas and noodles, gluten free flours and oatmeal, gluten free bars and some gluten free ready meals. If I was a celiac living in Bakersfield I would definitely frequent this place.

Nature's Food Market

Gluten free products

I didn’t have time to eat here but Red Brick Pizzain Bakersfield does gluten free options. I’d never heard of them before but in looking at their site it appears they have locations across six states, including California. I called the Bakersfield location for further information on how they prepare their gluten free pizza and the guy I spoke with was really helpful. The gluten free pizza bases aren’t made in store but are shipped in. Whilst they use the same stove for cooking gluten free pizza, they use a separate container in which to cook it, separate cutters and utensils and a separate preparation area.  ‘We do a good job of preventing cross contamination.’ the dude on the phone told me.  They have a bunch of locations in California so I’m sure I’ll find myself here at some point but if you have eaten here, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Taco Del Mar and PF Changs are two other chains I found in Bakersfield which offer gluten free options. If you know of any more gluten free eateries in the area please share!

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  • Juss Joi

    Jan 24th, 2012

    BJ’s Brewhouse & Outback Steak House also have gluten free options. For fast food, In & Out & Chik-Fil-A

  • Thanks! I haven’t eaten at any fast food places since going gluten free. Do places like In and Out & Chik-Fil-A have procedures to avoid cross contamination or do they simply offer customers their meals without buns?

  • Next time you HAVE got to go to Moo Creamery! The owner totally understands Celiac and makes the necessary precautions (just let them know). You can get any burger or sandwich on gluten free bread, turkey tostadas (my fav!!), French fries, sweet potato fries, gf onion rings, ice cream…tons of great good and it’s a local business!!

  • Thanks, Rachel. Sounds fantastic! I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m in the area. 🙂

  • I have gone to chick-fil-a, and got sick over it. Next time, I get bold—I may ask them to change gloves and utensils to see if that makes a difference..

  • Mary Ann

    Jul 17th, 2015

    I went to Zoey Brooke’s Bakery today at 2811 N. Chester Avenue in Bakersfield. It is a gluten free bakery! Everything is gluten free. They sell bread, croutons, cookies, muffins, cake, even donut holes they make while you pay! They were delicious. It was so nice to feel normal in a bakery not having to triple check to make sure the food was not contaminated. They even have drinks and seating to enjoy the bakery items. This is a celiac’s haven.