Gluten Free Garlic Ice Cream Gilroy

Garlic Ice Cream

En route from San Francisco to Bakerfield earlier this week we stopped at a little town called Gilroy. Gilroy, nicknamed ‘Garlic Capital of the World’  houses a factory which processes more garlic than any other factory in the world.  They hold their annual Garlic Festival every year in July and it’s one of the biggest food festivals in the US. As you drive past the town you can smell Garlic for miles so you definitely can’t miss it…it’s a pretty unique experience!

The best part about Gilroy is that they make and sell garlic flavoured everything. I bought a little tub of garlic ice cream. How could I resist? All of the ingredients were listed and nothing was suspicious…except the garlic of course! It was pretty tasty too although at points it felt as though I was eating both my dinner and my dessert at the same time. Garlic just isn’t a flavour you expect to taste when you’re eating ice cream.

For gluten free travellers’ who are looking for something a bit different to try and who love garlic of course! Gilroy is the place to go. Also, I now know where to go when the vampire apocalypse comes!

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  • I’ve always wanted to go to Gilroy since I saw something on the Food Network about this town. Sounds like fun.

  • It really is! Almost everything they sell is garlic flavoured! 🙂

  • I am envious. I am such a garlic fiend and would love to make it out that way one of these days! A friend of mine made some homemade garlic ice cream, but I’m not sure if it compares to Gilroys. One day, I hope to find out.