Gluten Free Fresno, CA

Interesting cupcake options

100% gluten free bakery!

Last week I spent a day in Fresno, California as part of a little road trip. I didn’t see as much of the city as I would have liked but in the short time I had there I discovered a couple of good gluten free spots.

It was my 29th birthday and we decided to have dinner at PF Changs. I discovered quite a while back that this chain has a gluten free menu and on speaking to the restaurant’s staff at a couple of different locations throughout the States (the first being on our trip to Vegas) they appeared to have good awareness of celiac disease and the importance of avoiding cross contamination. I’m not a fan of restaurant chains in general, usually opting for somewhere a little more interesting and family run instead, but PF Changs and their tasty sounding menu intrigued me and I had to try it.

The menu includes information on gluten free dishes including  the fact that gluten free dishes are served on a special plate with the PF Changs logo. It also lists the ingredients used in their gluten free sauces which I thought was great. Our server was confident that the kitchen staff are well educated on cooking for those with special dietary needs and that I need not worry. I didn’t and my meal was delicious. I ordered the Norwegian Salmon steamed with ginger. It came on a bed of mushrooms, bok choy, tomatoes and asparagus and with a side of brown rice. Pretty healthy and extremely tasty. I would definitely eat at PF Changs again even if many of the dishes they serve are similar to the type of things John and I cook at home.

The other place I found in Fresno is Sweet Tomatoes, a chain soup and salad place. I didn’t have time to eat here on this trip but some of their soups and deli salads are gluten free and labelled as so on their menu. This is somewhere I’d check out at lunch time. Let me know if you’ve eaten here and what your thoughts were….

Delicious cupcakes!

Birthday dinner at PF Changs

The best find of the day had to be Gluten Free Please, a 100% gluten free, family run, bakery in Clovis, just north of Fresno. They sell cupcakes, cookies, muffins, breads and various other gluten free goodies. I had the pleasure of meeting the Bakery’s lovely owner and fellow celiac, Janet when I stopped by. The bakery opened in November, 2011 and so far seems to be a bit hit with gluten free locals. I can see why. Their cupcakes are amazing!! I tried their carrot cake cupcake with coconut frosting. Seriously..this may be the best cupcake I’ve ever had!  They also do some really unique flavours of muffins and cupcakes such as corn dog, pizza, rootbeer and chocolate marshmallow. This is awesome. 🙂

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  • P.F. Chang’s is for sure the best chain. I recommend you order the GF lemon scallops on your next visit – so delicious. They changed their menu a few months ago, and this dish no longer appears. But, they still have all the ingredients and will make it if you ask for it.

  • Hey Shawn, Thanks for the recommendation. I love scallops and lemon flavoured things so this sounds great 🙂

  • Kristin

    Jul 17th, 2012

    I am SO happy that you found the Gluten Free Please bakery in Clovis while you were here. Janet, the owner, is such a sweet lady and I am so happy they decided to open this 100% gluten-free bakery so close to where I live!! The cupcakes are absolutely amazing…. but so is the bread, dinner rolls, and even the pizza!!! I recently heard she is also making birthday and wedding cakes now! I am happy that you were able to eat there and get the word out!! 🙂