Gluten Free Bounce Balls

Gluten Free Protein Ball

A few weeks ago when I was home visiting Scotland I received some samples of Bounce Balls to try. I’ve tried so many energy and protein snacks in bar form so I was excited to try a ball shaped snack for a change! Bounce Balls do five different kinds of balls and each one has it’s own special ingredients. I tried the Peanut Protein ball, Almond Protein ball and Spirulina Ginseng ball. The peanut and almond balls are high in protein (and around 220 calories) so these are ones I would eat before or after a long run to give me some tasty energy. The nutty flavours are strong in these snacks which I really enjoyed.  The ginseng ball is very different. For some reason I thought it would be my least flavourite of the three but I really enjoyed it. It has an interesting taste and feels much lighter than the other two I tried. It’s marketed as an defense boost as the ingredients it contains are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. I’d eat all three again but particularly the ginseng one.

The other two balls they do are Cashew and Pecan and Fudge Walnut. I haven’t had the chance to try these yet but they sound pretty awesome.

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