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Gluten Free Garlic Ice Cream Gilroy

En route from San Francisco to Bakerfield earlier this week we stopped at a little town called Gilroy. Gilroy, nicknamed ‘Garlic Capital of the World’  houses a factory which processes more garlic than any other factory in the world.  They hold their annual Garlic Festival every year in July and it’s one of the biggest
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Gluten Free Christmas dinner (US style)

This year I spent the festive season (and my second gluten free Christmas) with my boyfriend and his family in Iowa. Christmas Ham was on the menu for Christmas lunch and I was pretty excited about this. Cooked Ham isn’t really something we eat a lot of in the UK (and never at Christmas time)
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Gluten Free Mendoza

I spent a few lovely days in Mendoza, the highlight of which was a tour of local vineyards by bicycle. Tour a vineyard followed by sampling, cycle to the next and repeat equals an amazing day in the beautiful Argentine sunshine.

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Gluten Free Mar Del Plata

I spent 4 days in the seaside city of Mar Del Plata in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I was pleased with the few places I found that cater for coeliacs. I found two restaurants with gluten free options and whilst I didn’t eat at either of them, as they weren’t within my
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Munchi’s Gluten Free Ice Cream

Today I visited my second amazing ice cream store in Buenos Aires which does gluten free flavours (all clearly labelled) and I think I may have enjoyed it even more than Freddo. Munchi’s is small chain with a number of stores in and around the city of Buenos Aires but so far I’ve only tried
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Gluten Free Freddo

If you are looking for gluten free ice cream in Buenos Aires then Freddo is one good place to go. There have a number of locations throughout the city and clearly label which of their menu items are gluten free.

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Blue Bunny Gluten Free

When the sun is shining and the heat sweltering, what better than a freezing cold bowl of delicious, creamy, ice cream…. For a while now I’ve wondered whether I’m being over cautious when it comes to finding safe ice cream. Are all ice creams gluten free unless then have some obvious cake or cookie topping
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Gluten Free Providence

I spent four days in Boston in the summer of 2010 and as the friend we were staying with is from Rhode Island, he took us to Providence for the day. Before heading for the train, I quickly looked up a couple of restaurants with gluten free options. We would be in Providence from early
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Ice Cream, Gluten Free?

Is Ice Cream gluten free? I know that milk, cream, sugar and fruit are gluten free and these (I think) are normally the ingredients of ice cream so does this mean that all ice cream (other than flavours like cookie dough and cookies and cream obviously) are gluten free? What glutenous ingredients could ice cream
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