Gluten Free Enjoy Life Cookies

Double Chocolate

Enjoy Life cookies

Recently Enjoy Life sent me a few boxes of their new Crunchy Cookies to try. These cookies come in four different flavours. Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate,  Vanilla Honey Graham and Sugar Crisp. They are certified gluten free and made in a dedicated nut and gluten free bakery. On top of this they are free of the eight most common allergens. Almost everyone can eat these cookies. Yay!

The Texture

Cookie fans, in my opinion, can be placed  in two distinct groups, those who prefer their cookies crunchy and those who prefer their cookies soft and bendy. John tends to be on the soft cookie team whereas I am on the crunchy side. As these are definitely in the crunchy category, I was more excited to taste them than John. However, after munching our way through a box we were both big fans of these crunchy gluten free cookies.

Many gluten free cookies fall apart as you eat them which is why I don’t often choose a cookie as a snack. I feel as though you lose half the cookie when it crumbles. These ones don’t crumble.

The Flavour

As we were already a big fan of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks, the Chocolate Chip cookies were probably our favourite, followed by the double chocolate as a close second. You would never know these cookies were as free of as many things as they are. This is definitely a good thing. I really enjoyed these cookies and would love to see them introduce a peanut butter cookie in the future.

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  • vibrant77

    Jun 26th, 2012

    I concur. These cookies are delish. The con is that 2 out of the 3 boxes purchased from Target, were cookie crumbles by the time I got them home. Apparently, this has happened in the past as stated by the company when I called to complain. They adjust the formula to prevent this, but apparently it hasn’t worked 100%. They’ll send me coupons in the mail.