Cadbury’s Roses

UPDATE DECEMBER 2012: For the most up-to-date information on Cadbury’s products in the UK, including Roses, check out my Cadbury UK post. Spoiler alert – Roses are on the gluten free list! 🙂

I was at a work meeting this morning and a colleague kindly gave me a cadbury’s rose chocolate to have with my tea. How strange, I thought, that this innocent gesture requires research into the gluten content of this tiny chocolate before I can eat it! So…I googled ‘Cadbury’s roses gluten free’ and came up with a couple of answers…

Coeliac UK provide a list of ‘gluten free’  cadbury’s products. This list was as of July 2009 so whilst things may have changed since then, this was only compiled 4 months ago and is their most recent list. This list says that Roses 150g, 220g, 400g, 700g and 975g are all gluten free as are the Roses mini carton, luxury collection, truffles selection and pouch. It appears that all Cadbury’s roses are safe!

This sounded too good to be true so I looked at cadbury’s own site. I first came across information from 2007 which lists some roses as ‘gluten free’ and others containing ‘trace amounts’. This also didn’t appear to be a complete list of all roses and as I wasn’t sure which chocolate I had been given I wanted more information. More googling and finally I found more up to date information from Cadbury’s ….

If you click on ‘Nutrition’ at the bottom of the page’ then search for ‘Gluten Absent(suitable for Coeliacs)’ you will get a list of products which are safe for us. I was happy to discover that the gluten free status of roses matches the Coeliac UK list…it looks as though Coeliacs can nibble away safely at Cadbury’s roses…in moderation of course 😉

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