Gluten Free Thorntons

Thorntons Ice Cream

I was very happy to discover that Thorntons, a chocolate store which can be found all over the UK, has a huge selection of gluten free chocolates and other tasty treats! Great news for gluten free travellers living in or headed to the UK!

There is information on their website and also on the boxes in stores which indicates whether or not each product is gluten free. The Thorntons website provides information on the ingredients in everyday chocolates as well as lots of their seasonal and christmassy gifts and treats. Whatever you are looking for, this site can help you to make a safe choice.  It looks as though quite a few of their products are gluten free, including some of their boxes of chocolates, meaning that we can dive right into these and have whatever we want without worrying! Their advent calendars are gluten free too and you can get them personalised with your name in icing so I’m off to buy mine right now….

UPDATE: Thorntons ice cream is delicious and it’s also gluten free. Every flavour, similar to the chocolates and sweets in store, is labelled and I’m yet to find one that isn’t gluten free. Obviously the cones are out of the question but a couple of scoops in a wee bowl with a  chocolate truffle flake (also gluten free) is a delicious treat on a sunny afternoon! Yay for easy to find celiac friendly treats!

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