Gluten Free Christmas dinner (US style)

Blue Bunny Cinnamon ice cream

My tasty Christmas meal

This year I spent the festive season (and my second gluten free Christmas) with my boyfriend and his family in Iowa. Christmas Ham was on the menu for Christmas lunch and I was pretty excited about this. Cooked Ham isn’t really something we eat a lot of in the UK (and never at Christmas time) so the only thing I could picture was the delicious gammon steaks I used to get from the chippy when I was a kid.

I had read a lot of tales of caution concerning ham so we made sure to get one without any sort of scary glazing. Ours was a pre-cooked ham with only some salts added and nothing more. We covered it in foil and warmed it up in the oven so no chance of contamination there. Topped with fresh pineapple it was delicious and flavoursome and brought back my taste memories of gammon steak. Baked potatoes, green beans, corn (very Iowan!) and cranberry jelly were perfect accompaniments. oooh and Cinnamon flavoured Blue Bunny Ice Cream for dessert!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and lots of tasty, gluten free food. I’d love to hear what you ate so please shares your festive stories….

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  • Sofia Morais

    Jan 7th, 2011

    Hi Laura,

    That dish is as strange for me as spending Christmas in warm Brasil! In Portugal we have two traditional dishes – one for 24th dinner and another one for 25th lunch.

    For the 24th the plan is to eat codfish. Some generations back families, and even now the poorest ones, have a dish of boiled codfish, potatoes and sproutes, drizzled with olive oil. Nowadays, many people opt for tastier recipes, as long as codfish is included.

    As for the 25th we have a turkey dish, usually baked in the oven. Again, any recipe is ok.

    So, I had a gluten free Christmas too – my first one! I was concerned about contamination, but it turned out ok.

    Keep posting your happy stories!