Gluten Free Easter Eggs

Easter eggs

Easter eggs

Thornton's Nutritional Info

Thornton’s Nutritional Info

Easter is fast approaching and chocolate eggs are everywhere to be found on UK supermarket shelves. The question is…which of these eggy delights are gluten free? For those of you unfamiliar with these easter eggs, the majority are a hollow egg along with your choice of chocolate bar. If you buy a Creme Egg, Twirl or Dairy Milk egg for example, expect to get a hollow cadbury’s chocolate egg and the cadbury’s chocolate bars of your choosing.

Easter egg lovers throughout the UK, year after year, put all of their hopes into the idea that this year Cadbury’s will have finally decided  to make an easter egg sized creme egg!

Unfortunately these mega creme egg dreams have not yet been realised and as always we are slightly disappointed to find a hollow egg beneath all of that creme egg wrapping.  Perhaps one day creme egg lovers….

So…would it be safe to assume that if we choose an easter egg where the chocolate bar is suitable for coeliacs then the hollow egg will also be suitable or should be only look for eggs which say ‘suitable for Coeliacs’? But wait….how often do we see that on popular chocolate products made my companies like Cadburys and Nestle? 🙁

Cadbury’s have a link on their nutrition page where you can check out which of their products are gluten free. There are a number of easter eggs on that list so it’s a good place to check before you buy your gluten free self or your gluten free loved ones an easter egg. It’s great to see the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are listed as gluten free!

I was pretty excited to find that Thorntons have a large selection of gluten free eggs. Their eggs may be a little pricier then some of the others but every egg in Thorntons states whether or not the product is gluten free!

Every Easter Coeliac UK produce a list of gluten free easter eggs which you can check out on their may be pleasantly surprised to find that there are lots of ‘safe’ eggs and other treats for us to nibble on at easter time!

If you’re in the US and looking for gluten free Easter eggs and treats, check out the gluten free status of Tootsie Roll, Nestle, Hershey’s and Mars USA. This information is constantly changing so always double check that anything you buy is safe.

Gluten Free eggs in Thorntons

Gluten Free eggs in Thorntons

Wherever you are in the world, where have you found good gluten free easter eggs?

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