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Gluten Free London

London is one of those cities you just have to see. It’s huge and it’s amazing. There’s always something going on. Lucky for gluten free travellers hoping to explore the UK’s capital city, London has a bunch of gluten free options for celiac visitors. As London is only nine hours by car or bus from
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Gluten Free Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the most celiac friendly countries in the world. How could Gluten Free Traveller not include information on what it’s like living and travelling in Australia as a celiac. My sister in law is Australian and she and my brother plan to move there with my beautiful niece in a couple of
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Gluten Free Lisbon

Thank you to my lovely friend and fellow gluten free traveller, Sofia Morais, for writing this article on living gluten free in Portugal, and in particular Lisbon, where she currently lives. I am yet to explore the beautiful country of Portugal but meeting her and hearing about living gluten free in Lisbon makes me eager
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