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Gluten Free Asheville, NC

Recently my friend and fellow celiac, Sasha Cagen, travelled to and spent a week in Asheville, North Carolina. She had such a positive gluten free experience here that I had to share her gluten free travel story with you. She spoke to me of this mystical place in the mountains, with a welcoming community and
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Gluten Free Minneapolis/Twin Cities

Big thanks go out to my good friend and fellow gluten free traveller, Meagan Manning, for writing this post. For anyone contemplating a gluten free trip to the Twin Cities, do not fear. Meagan has provided us with lots of useful tips on where to find safe and delicious gluten free delights! I can’t wait
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Gluten Free Lisbon

Thank you to my lovely friend and fellow gluten free traveller, Sofia Morais, for writing this article on living gluten free in Portugal, and in particular Lisbon, where she currently lives. I am yet to explore the beautiful country of Portugal but meeting her and hearing about living gluten free in Lisbon makes me eager
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Gluten Free Mendoza

I spent a few lovely days in Mendoza, the highlight of which was a tour of local vineyards by bicycle. Tour a vineyard followed by sampling, cycle to the next and repeat equals an amazing day in the beautiful Argentine sunshine.

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