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Gluten Free Certification Programs, USA

Come August, 2014, it will be safer and easier for celiacs living in or travelling to the United States to buy groceries. Yay! The new labelling legislation, which I’m very excited was finally passed this summer!!, means that companies will no longer be able to label products as “gluten free” unless they contain less than
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Why Is 20ppm Of Gluten The Safe Level For Celiacs?

There has been a lot of talk recently about what 20ppm (parts per million) really means. Most countries use the Codex Alimentarius Commission standard of 20ppm as the gold standard for gluten free. As of last week (August 2nd, 2013) the United States have finally defined “gluten free” (Woohoo!!) and the FDA too have decided to go
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Gluten Free London

London is one of those cities you just have to see. It’s huge and it’s amazing. There’s always something going on. Lucky for gluten free travellers hoping to explore the UK’s capital city, London has a bunch of gluten free options for celiac visitors. As London is only nine hours by car or bus from
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Gluten Free Labels: What to Watch Out For!

No matter where you are in the world when you’re celiac reading product labels becomes a necessity. Being able to understand the language the label is written in is only the first hurdle. Next comes the challenge of figuring out what ingredients such as ‘flavourings’, ‘colouring’ or ‘spices’ actually mean. These ingredients can mean different
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Ask The Right Questions Eating Out Gluten Free

When you’re celiac there’s no doubt about it, eating out isn’t simple. Ensuring you get a safe gluten free meal free of cross contamination when you’re eating out means asking the right questions…but what are the right questions? You need to be sure your gluten free bread wasn’t toasted alongside whole wheat bread and that
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Gluten Free Zadin

Last weekend John and I went on a gluten free double date. It was up to me (as it normally is) to seek out a safe and delicious restaurant for us to eat at. Zadin had been recommended to me by a few different people as a great celiac friendly place to go..they weren’t wrong,
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Gluten Free Amici’s Pizzeria

Last weekend my dad was in town and we went to Amici’s Pizzeria for dinner. They have 12 locations, all in California, two of which are found in the city of San Francisco. We ate at the one on Lombard Street. We walked a few miles to get there so we were all hungry and ready
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No Gluten Ingredients: Trader Joe’s

My first experience of gluten free grocery shopping in Philadelphia was not the greatest. It was my first visit to Trader Joe’s and it didn’t turn out to be what I was hoping for! The huge sign at the front of the supermarket explained the signs to look out for in order to make shopping
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Berkeley Bowl Gluten Free

There are a few large supermarkets in Berkeley but my favourite by far is Berkeley Bowl. They have a great selection of products (including the best selection of fruit and veg I’ve ever seen in a supermarket), decent prices and a brilliant selection of gluten free products!

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Tea Connection Sin Gluten

Tea Connection is another great place for Coeliacs looking for a place to eat out in Buenos Aires. There have 4 restaurants in different areas around the city,  in Palermo, Recoleta, Barrio Norte and Belgrano. We ate at the one in Palermo and really enjoyed the food and the cozy atmosphere. Gluten free dishes are
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