Gluten Free Lunch For Coeliac Awareness

Gluten Free Lunch For 20

The third week of May is Coeliac Awareness week in the UK. During this week Coeliac UK encourages people to get involved in the Gluten Free Challenge whether that be asking friends and family to go gluten free for the week, getting your office to go gluten free at lunch or holding gluten free dinner parties.I decided to make gluten free lunch for everyone at John’s office in San Francisco. I don’t have an office or co-workers right now so doing it at mine wasn’t an option. His office have a weekly thing where someone different makes lunch for the whole team. This week it was our turn and lunch was going to be gluten free sweet potato and chick pea curry with rice.

This is probably my favourite gluten free dish so I’ve cooked it a number of times although never for a large group. It was a little difficult at first to figure out proportions but it worked out well and the results were delicious and just the right level of spice! Everyone enjoyed the meal and a few asked when I was coming back to cook lunch for them again. Gluten free success!

Here’s a link to the recipe if you want to try making this delicious curry for yourself or a group of friends or colleagues. Help spread the word that gluten free cooking can be healthy and delicious!

Well Fed Fellows

Perfect with fluffy rice



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