Celiac Night at AT&T Park

Gluten Free Baseball

Monday was Celiac Night at AT&T Park, yip, they really dedicated a night to celiacs…how great!

The San Francisco Giants were playing the Washington Nationals, that’s baseball for non Americans. I’ve been to quite a few baseball games in my life, a whole bunch actually when I lived in Toronto, but I’m still not 100% sure of the rules. I can’t stop thinking it’s really just a more professional and well paid game of rounders but I’m sure many die hard fans would tell me I’m wrong.

Baseball games are a great atmosphere. In my experience it usually involves a sunny afternoon, good friends and there may or may not be alcohol involved. Monday night kept my idea of what baseball is all about alive. I wasn’t really there for the baseball, I was there to join a bunch of other celiacs for some pre-game gluten free eating.

We arrived a little late which meant that most of the gluten free vendors were packing away but we still got the chance to chat with a few vendors and nibble some delicious samples…

Zest Bakery were there with oatmeal cookies and Mariposa Bakery were there with lemon cupcakes which were so light and delicious that I wanted to eat them all.

We didn’t get the chance to try everything but from what I did try my favourite was Miglet’s Cupcake Shop with their amazing mini chocolate cupcakes! Soft, light, chocolate deliciousness topped with chocolate frosting, Mmmm 😀

Sans, a gluten free grocery store in San Rafael was also there with gluten free hot dogs and pretzels. I plan to head up? to San Rafael to check this fantastic sounding place very soon!

Sasha and I, pre-game at the celiac section

Tasty cake samples at Mariposa :D

Sasha and I had a great time sampling gluten free cakes and chatting with other celiacs sitting nearby at the game. It’s not often that you can go to a sporting event, eat gluten free cake and talk to a family of celiacs sitting next to you but this is what Monday night was all about and I hope this wasn’t the only 9 innings (I just recently learned what their sections of play are called!) of gluten free baseball I’ll experience during my time in San Francisco!


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  • I was frustrated, that the Metro Bank ballpark in Harrisburg doesn’t have anything gluten free, so I did a research and came across this article here (among many others). It seems pretty common, that baseball parks have this nowadays. What can I do to convince the managers of the Metro Bank park to get this, too? By the way, here is my article: http://www.examiner.com/gluten-free-in-harrisburg/calling-for-gluten-free-options-at-metro-bank-ballpark I linked it back to this article.
    Stephanie Gilbert

  • Hey Stephanie! I like your article! This is the first sporting event that I’ve ever been to where I could eat something safe but yeah, it appears that a lot of stadiums are having celiac night events. Whilst this was only a once a year event here’s hoping that it will become a more regular thing! Perhaps you could organise a similar event at your stadium? Ours was a pre-game event where different gf vendors came with snacks for gf fans…it was very relaxed and there was no host but it was a nice way to try new products and meet other celiacs!