Gluten Free Luna Protein

Luna Bars

Last week I received a couple of Luna Bars to sample. Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip. I haven’t tried many protein bars but I was excited to try these as they are gluten free.

According to their site – ‘Starting in early 2011, we will be transitioning the LUNA Protein line to be gluten free – it will contain no gluten ingredients and will be manufactured on a line that is validated to make gluten free food. During the transition, you can tell if your LUNA Protein bar is gluten free by looking at the packaging.’ Fantastic! What a great thing when companies discover the possibility of making their products gluten free and then actually go ahead and do it. Now more of us can enjoy these Luna Protein Bars!

Luna is part of Clif Bar but whilst they do a wide variety of products for now it’s only the Protein Bar that is safe for celiacs. Be sure to look out for ‘gluten free’ on the packaging to ensure you’re buying the right bars. The Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip bars were pretty tasty and personally they are the kind of thing I would eat after a long run to both give me back some energy whilst at the same time enjoy something yummy. The Chocolate Cherry Almond and Chocolate Peanut Butter from the same range sound ever better although I haven’t tried these yet. Hopefully the original Luna Bar will go the same way as the Protein Bar and become gluten free in the near future. I would love to try their Dulce De Leche bar!

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