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Gluten Free Paris, France

Paris is fantastic. Paris is, well, it’s Paris. I’ve been lucky to visit the French capital on three different occasions over the years but all of this was before I was on a strict gluten free diet. France is a country filled with amazing breads and pastries but all of these are gluten, gluten, gluten.
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Gluten Free Wedding Cake

I love cake but unfortunately more often than not cake does not like me. My fiance (I like the sound of that) and I have decided to search for one big gluten free cake for our wedding but with little more than a month until our big day this may be a challenge. I’m so
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Celiac Night at AT&T Park

Monday was Celiac Night at AT&T Park, yip, they really dedicated a night to celiacs…how great!

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Gluten Free Stirling

UPDATE: Bluebell Tearoom had now moved to 1a Pitt Terrace in Stirling. The word is that they now have delicious gluten free pancakes and a separate toaster for gluten free toasted sandwiches! Today I was invited to the Bluebell Tearoom in Stirling by owner, Lisa, to try some of the gluten free treats they have
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Gluten Free Shabtai Gourmet

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Shabtai Gourmet to ask if I wanted to sample a few of their gluten free products. They told me that all of their products are gluten free and there is no threat of cross contamination. I was of course very excited to try their products and
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Laura’s Tea Room

My first experience with Laura’s Tea Room was when my dad took me there for lunch after getting my biopsy at the nearby hospital. He had heard lots of good things about it and of course it was called ‘Laura’s’ so we had to try it out. Despite being pretty out of it as a
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