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Gluten free instant oatmeal

I haven’t been eating oats much in the last two years. Whilst certified gluten free oats are meant to be safe for celiacs, I decided to keep oats from my diet until I was feeling 100% better. That way it would be obvious if I am one of the celiacs who aren’t able to tolerate oats. I then pretty much forgot oats existed until very recently. Even in pre-celiac days the only oats I would eat were Scots Porridge Oats for breakfast or those found in Haggis..clearly I’m Scottish!

More recently a few of the protein bars I’ve eaten contain small amounts of gluten free certified oats but I haven’t yet eaten a whole bowl of them. Last month when I was home in the UK for the holidays I ate some gluten free oat cakes and gluten free haggis! I felt great after these products so now it’s time to try a whole bowl of gluten free oats. I received some tasty sounding flavoured oats from Bakery On Main. Let’s see how it goes…

Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake and Maple Multigrain Muffin. Sounds like dessert for breakfast to me!

I had a bowl of their Apple Pie instant oatmeal the other day. I don’t think I’ve ever had instant oatmeal before..I’m more a porridge oats kind of a girl…but I was pretty impressed at how quickly my breakfast was ready. Pour the oats in a bowl, add boiling water, stir and there you have it. Great. I chopped up a large pear and added it to the oatmeal to make it a more substantial breakfast. I prefer cold cereal but this was a tasty alternative, especially for a cold morning. It was a little too sweet but still tasty and full of flavour. It really does taste like apple pie oatmeal.

I enjoyed my introduction to instant oatmeal. It reminded me that I do in fact miss eating oats and I think I’d like to continue to eat more products containing gluten free oats. I like that these ones are made with a combination of oats, amaranth and quinoa which gives it more texture. Of the flavours I tried, Maple Multigrain Muffin was probably my favourite. It has a lot of flavour to it and really does taste and smell kind of like a maple syrup muffin!

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  • I recommend trying Glutenfreeda’s instant oats too. They’re not too sweet. Most instant oats seem to be super sugary, but I sometimes end up adding sugar to mine. Bob Red Mill’s GF steel cut oats are fantastic. Usually a weekend-only thing for me because they take so long to cook.

  • Thanks for the tip, Laurel. I’ll have a look for these other instant oats. I plan to try Bob’s Red Mill GF oats soon..they look as though they will taste more like the Scot’s Porridge Oats that I used to eat as a kid. I agree they tend to take a bit long to cook though…definitely a breakfast for the weekend 🙂

  • I love porridge and anything oaty in every shape and form 🙂 i cant wait to try a breakfast that tastes like a desert 🙂 what an awesome idea 🙂