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What Do Celiacs Eat For Breakfast?

Ever wonder what celiacs eat for breakfast? Perhaps you are a newly diagnosed celiac looking for safe options for a morning meal which can often be high in gluten or maybe you’re a long time celiac looking for new gluten free breakfast ideas. Personally when I discover a gluten free breakfast option that I enjoy,
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Gluten Free Bakery On Main

I haven’t been eating oats much in the last two years. Whilst certified gluten free oats are meant to be safe for celiacs, I decided to keep oats from my diet until I was feeling 100% better. That way it would be obvious if I am one of the celiacs who aren’t able to tolerate
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Celiac Disease and Oats

Oats are one of the most confusing topics where celiacs are concerned. Can we or can’t we eat them? Why all of the misunderstanding? Oats are naturally gluten free, right?  

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