Gluten Free Peanut Butter (UK)

Whole Earth peanut butter

Meridian natural pb

A while back I wrote a post on gluten free peanut butter and jelly brands in the United States. Since this post has been pretty popular I thought I should put together a UK version for peanut butter loving folks living in or planning a trip to the UK. I never thought I’d say this but jelly is starting to sound more right than jam. Clearly I need to get home more often. 🙂

So which UK peanut butter brands are gluten free?

Whole Earth do smooth and crunchy original and organic peanut butter. These peanut butters are natural and gluten free. I’m a big fan of Whole Earth as they make a bunch of gluten free products.

Meridian does a variety of products including lots of different peanut butters. Their site provides a great gluten free product list which includes lots of different peanut butters – crunchy, smooth, natural, organic. Yum! Meridian also make other nut butters – almond, brazil, cashew and hazelnut, all gluten free!

Not peanut butter but equally awesome, Eskal do a sunflower seed butter in both smooth and crunchy which is both nut free and gluten free.

Duerr’s do four peanut butters, smooth and crunchy which are gluten free. They also do lots of different fruity flavours of gluten free jam.

Sun Pat peanut butter is an old favourite and what we always had in our cupboard when my brother and I were kids. It has no gluten containing ingredients. The “no gluten containing ingredients” (NCGI) accreditation means that the manufacturers have taken steps to control cross contamination. Coeliac UK deems such products safe to eat. It just doesn’t conform to every clause of European Community regulation EC41/2009

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose also do various own brand peanut butters which are gluten free. Some are natural peanut butters and others contain added sugars. My supermarket is a great site for discovering which peanut butters each supermarket has, whether you are looking for own-brand or a popular brand. You can do a search on their site for gluten free products.

What are your favourite British peanut butter brands?


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  • Great post. I noticed you said that “Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose also do various own brand peanut butters which are gluten free.”
    Does this mean that, even though Tesco brand peanut butter doesn’t have a gluten free label or anything, is actually safe to eat?