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Gluten Free Peanut Butter (UK)

A while back I wrote a post on gluten free peanut butter and jelly brands in the United States. Since this post has been pretty popular I thought I should put together a UK version for peanut butter loving folks living in or planning a trip to the UK. I never thought I’d say this
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No Gluten Ingredients: Trader Joe’s

My first experience of gluten free grocery shopping in Philadelphia was not the greatest. It was my first visit to Trader Joe’s and it didn’t turn out to be what I was hoping for! The huge sign at the front of the supermarket explained the signs to look out for in order to make shopping
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Berkeley Bowl Gluten Free

There are a few large supermarkets in Berkeley but my favourite by far is Berkeley Bowl. They have a great selection of products (including the best selection of fruit and veg I’ve ever seen in a supermarket), decent prices and a brilliant selection of gluten free products!

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Gluten Free Labelling Law Argentina

In Argentina, a law was passed in December of 2009, which if enforced could make life much easier for Argentine coeliacs and for gluten free travellers to this country. The law has yet to be regulated so as a result not all companies are adhering to the law. Still, by passing this law the Argentinian
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First impressions of Buenos Aires

I arrived in Buenos Aires only 24 hours but have a good first impression of the coeliac friendliness of the city. A couple of the supermarkets we wandered into label quite a few of their products with a wheat free symbol which says ‘Sin TACC’ which translates to ‘without wheat, barley, rye and oats.’  We
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Gluten Free Boston

I spent a few days in the pretty city of Boston this summer. I didn’t get to eat out in the city as much as I would have liked as this was one of the first stops on a year of travelling and we had to be careful not too spend too much dinero but
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Gluten Free Norway

Our rally (5000 miles from Scotland to Estonia in a £100 Ford Escort!) took us through the entirety of Norway and what an amazingly beautiful country it is. We spent time in Oslo, Trondheim, Fauske, Tromso and Nordkapp. I’m happy to report that Norway was very celiac friendly. Awareness and abundance of safe products is high
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Gluten Free Copenhagen

The next stop on our rally (5000 mile drive from Scotland to Estonia) was Copenhagen and as the drive from Amsterdam was so long it wasn’t until late in the evening that we finally arrived. Looking for something decently priced is difficult enough in a city like Copenhagen but also finding something gluten free when you are hungry and
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Gluten Free Amsterdam

The first stop on our Northern Lights Rally (a 5000 mile drive from Scotland to Estonia) was Amsterdam. As we arrived early on the ferry from Newcastle we had the whole day to spend with our Dutch friends and they were an extremely helpful source for finding out where I could buy gluten free food.

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Coeliac Friendly Malta

Malta is a small European country situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean and not too far from Sicily. Because of it’s location the weather is pretty much always lovely and so it was the perfect place to run our first half marathon. Growing up in the UK, I always envisioned Malta as a
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