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I received a box of Think Thin bars last week. All of their bars are gluten free and contain varying amounts of protein. Personally I enjoyed their crunch bars the most but their whole selection is pretty yummy, especially if you’re looking for a good tasting bar which also has lots of protein. Their protein bars come in at around 230-240 calories per bar and the crunch at around 190 calories.

Over the past few months I have tried a whole variety of different protein bars (Who knew there were so many gluten free protein bars out there?) but these ones I would eat again. I have never understood why some people doing endurance events waste all the calories they are burning on bad tasting protein snacks. If I’m running a marathon and I’m going to burn 2500 calories I’d much rather save those calories for something delicious and worthwhile rather than wasting them on 10 bags of gooey protein. I have trained and run one full and three half marathons so I know protein is important but this doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. This is why I’m thankful for tasty protein bars like Think Thin. They of course don’t compare to a huge plate of post run chilli cheese nachos with spicy salsa and guacamole…MMmmm…but as far as pre or post race protein snacks go, these are pretty damn good.

The Chunky Peanut Butter is probably my favourite of their protein bars. It tastes like a scoop of peanut butter covered in chocolate and with some protein added to the mix so pretty much what it says on the label. You can tell there has been something proteiney added to the peanut butter but it’s still really tasty. The Chocolate Fudge Protein Bar is pretty yummy too.

Of the Crunch Bars, I really enjoyed both the Caramel Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts and the White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts. I was particularly happy to see that Think Thin do white chocolate bars as well as milk chocolate as many of the gluten free bars (protein or otherwise) which I’ve tried in the past have gone the dark chocolate route which I am not a huge fan of. White chocolate on the other hand is something I haven’t found myself enjoying much of since going gluten free so it was a pleasant change to enjoy the creamy taste of white chocolate again.

On a side note I’m so happy that lots of different gluten free bars have decided to add peanut butter to the mix with delicious results. 🙂

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